You can't darken the light but you can lighten the dark

by Sermon

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released June 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Sermon Kraków, Poland

Three long-time friends making rock'n'roll by their own vision.

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Track Name: The Road
we're going down the road
we're going down to temptation
we are reborn in some fuckin times

in a struggle of creation
driven by imagination
we cross the double fuckin line

we're going off on sound
pursing self-realization
in a need of exploration

there's no comfort needed
nor physical rush
every fuckin day makes a change

leaving ourselves behind
leaving ourselves behind
leaving ourselves behind

we're going down the track
we're going on a one-way journey
we hit the ground sometimes

we won't deny it hurts
but it's an important part
of how we live our lives

so embrace yourselves
prophets of the dark
none of you can hold us back

there's only love
that can change the world
it's so fuckin clear and plain
Track Name: Lodestar
when i wound what i was looking for
it didn't feel me with joy
it left me empty and hallow
(at the end of the road)
and with nowhere to go

my heart was my lodestar
it guided me all that time
when i had a deep believe
that i'll find it one day

i found the stone of philosophers
i knew they will be looking for
i couldn't get them what they want
so there it is, the stone of philosophers

jumping from one extreme to another
touching the ground, then sky and then once again and again
and finally on of the innermost center of myself
(covered by darkness)
i saw the light
light inside of me

it can be sort of insane
housing both the mystic and warrior inside
you can get everything you need
but you shall understood the price
Track Name: Come Closer
hey you, come closer please
don't fear me, don't fear the sound
let go off your anxieties
and prejudices
and analyses

don't you speak here now
not even a single word
silent and clean an eye in the whole
a heart of it all

why so trembling
why so scared
why so stiff
why keeping aside

don't you want to dance with me
for the rest of times?

don't you wanna spread your wings
on the wind that comes?

don't you want to raise your head
and meet the unknown?

so just take my hand
and let's go
Track Name: As Long as Nightmares Govern the World
this is a call from people who create this life
there is really only one important thing to say
some time ago we forgot about values
mostly about respect for other men

blindfolded by fast-passing time and information flow
to busy to pledge silence and let your own mind grow
you're sure that you're bad-ass man and you know what's around
denying art of empathy, you machine-minded-brain.

our deity is shrinking every fucking day
we are unaware of things we make
the emptiness is taking control
this is a call to look around.

it's our life!
Track Name: Temporal Beings
temporal beings – we, as we are
catching a moment, eternal as it is
reality, which will last beyond us
which was before, and will be after us

if I was not, the wind would caress the trees
if I was not, the river would shrink cold
there's no secret encrypted in what we see
there's no powers which governs your hands

you cannot see what is behind the wall
you cannot see the others people minds
we are all some temporal things
temporal beings – we as pure we are

a single thought can make you change your way
edge of knife can cut its way through skin
a weight of sadness can sit down on your mind
but what you can't is to darken the light
and all you can is lighten the dark
Track Name: Everlasting Delight
let me open the gates
so the magic takes hold
we can start the dance
of everlasting delight

we were waiting too long
no sense is to deny
i know what you want
and you know what do i

your beauty makes me mad
it makes my heart explode
i want to touch your skin
i must to have you now

your lips are close to mine
so perfect and divine
so perfect and divine
and on my cheek is your hand
and we've have just begun

the heat of our bodies
i'm burning like a torch
and melting down like ice
it's time to strip off clothes

i want you more than ever
i want to have your soul
let’s make it last forever
let’s make it feel like that

everlasting delight!